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12.5 Gallon Garbage BinAs of January 1, 2015, kitchen scraps have been banned from Hartland’s landfill. The Regional Kitchen Scraps Strategy was developed by the Capital Regional District (CRD) to promote sustainable waste management for the region. As a result, all residences and businesses in the region are required to segregate food scraps from your regular garbage.

To comply with the new strategy, kitchen scraps will need to be separated into compositable bags (paper bags can also be used). Please ensure that you do not use biodegradable or regular plastic bags as they are not accepted in the program. Do not use twist ties or plastic clips to tie up your compostable bags, please tie up your bags by hand using the bag itself to make a knot. When shopping for compostable bags look for this symbol below with the certified compostable logo.

certified compostable logo

Compostable bags and 12-gal green food bins can be purchased at Costco, Canadian Tire, Country Grocer, London Drugs, Rona, Thrifty Foods, and Walmart etc.

Please Note: 12-gal green food bins are not mandatory. One option would be to use the remaining portion of unused space in your garbage can. This can be done by topping up the can by putting the tied up compostable bags of food on top of the garbage bags inside the garbage can. This way you only have one can to put out on garbage day and our drivers only have one can to find and empty. A second option would be to use a container that you may already have of equal size (12 gal) just make sure to label it so our drivers know not to take it. See full list of acceptable food scrap products on website.

*Please note cat litter and animal feces are classified as garbage.*

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