Accepted & Not Accepted Food Scrap Items

Yes Please Accepted Food Scrap Products

Table Scraps & Plate Scrapings, Fruit & Vegetables Scraps cooked & uncooked, Meat, Fish & Bones, Cheese & Eggs & Egg Shells, Bread and Grains, Cookies, Pasta, Rice, Dough, Candy, Food Soiled Papers, Paper Towels, Paper Bags & Paper Cups, Egg Cartons, Tea bags & Coffee Grinds with or without paper filters, Nuts & Shells.

No Thanks Not Accepted Food Scrap Products

Kitty Litter & Pet Feces, Soiled diapers, Sanitary Hygiene Products, Condoms, Dryer Sheets, Bandages, Gauze, Dental Floss, Rubber Bands, Vacuum contents & Bags, Cigarettes & Butts, Plastic Wrap, Animal Fat or Automotive Grease, All Blue Box Products, Plastic Bottles, Tubs & Plastic Wraps, Plastic Containers & Plastic Cutlery & Plastic Vegetable Netting, Metal Foil, Metal & Metal Cans, Glass Jars, Milk and Juice cartons, Butter Wrappers, Coated & Plastic take out containers, Yard Waste, Cork, Styrofoam, Plastic Bags.

Call the CRD at 250-360-3030 if you have any questions about what is garbage & or recyclable materials.

Helpful Tips

  • Line the bottom of your can with newspaper or cardboard to soak up any sludge that may happen.

  • Use only certified Compostable bags.

  • Use old newspaper to wrap wet food waste.

  • Store meat and fish waste in a paper bag in your freezer until collection day – especially in the summer.

  • Empty your kitchen container frequently. Periodically rinse with a mild detergent.

  • Close green tote lid tightly after use. Store tote in a shady ventilated area.

  • Continue to use your backyard compost bin.

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