Food Scrap Program

We are setup for the food scrap program.

12.5 Gallon Garbage Bin

12.5 Gallon Garbage Bin

Effective January 1, 2015 the kitchen scraps will be banned from Hartland landfill. The Regional Kitchen Scraps Strategy has been developed by the Capital Regional District (CRD) to promote sustainable waste management for the region. As a result, all residences and businesses in the region are required to segregate food scraps from your regular garbage. This will require a separate bin one for garbage and one for kitchen scraps you can put out both bins beside each other on your usual garbage day and there is no extra cost for this collection service. You can use your own bin/can or we can supply one to you.

Please keep the weight of in your bin to a maximum 25 lbs. or you can use several tied up compostable bags in your container in order to comply with WCB weight lifting requirements.

We have bins/cans available in this size that you can purchase for $35.00 each or you can obtain a bin/can direct at Canadian Tire or Home Depot if you prefer. Bin/ Can rental of $5.00 per month is another option too.

Certified compostable bags are accepted. Please ensure that you do not use biodegradable or regular plastic bags as they are not accepted in the program. When shopping for compostable bags look for this symbol certified compostable logo.

Compostable bags can be purchased at Costco, Canadian Tire, Country Grocer, London Drugs, Rona, Thrifty Foods, and Walmart etc.

Please Note: For some households you have another option. We have realized that some families don’t have to buy another can. If you have 1 regular can size & have it picked up weekly or every 2nd week or less. You can continue using your same can & put your tied up garbage bags in the bottom of it & put your tied up compostable bags on top of your garbage bags inside your one can. This way the drivers only have one can to deal with & customers only have one can to put out. We have the green cans available for pickup at our Metal Recycle yard at 7481 West Saanich Rd. if you prefer they are $39.20 with taxes. Also, the CRD is giving the community a grace period until Mar 2015 for everyone to get on board with this program.

Also, please don’t use twist tie or plastic clips to tie up your compost bags, please just tie up your compost bags by hand.

Cat litter & any animal feces is classified as garbage.

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